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OceanLED Xtreme A8 PRO

OceanLED Xtreme A8 PRO

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Manufacturer: OceanLED


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A8 PRO AMPHIBIAN XTREME - OceanLED Surface Mount LED Light
Boats up to
Length 8.6"
Width 2.89"
Profile 0.76"
Lumens 2100 Lumens
Hole Cut-Out for cable 1/2"
White, Blue, Green or Color Changing
Materials 316L Stainless Steel Bezel
LED Hours 40,000+ hours
Voltage 12-24 VDC
Current Draw 1.65 amps (12V) / 0.75 amps (24V)
  • Minimal Power Requirements
  • Chemically Inert, Rust Free Body
  • Tritonium Lens - Scratch & Sea Growth Resistant
  • No External Parts
  • For Underwater Use Only!
  • Brighter than a 50 watt Xenon Underwater Light
  • Almost twice as bright as the original

 does the switch and wiring come with the fixture?
richard crossley - 1/16/2014 ()
 The switch is not included. You can either add a separate switch to your console, or use an available accessory switch. A simple On/Off switch is required.
:  YachtLights (1/21/2014)
 OceanLED Xtreme A8 PRO, the colour changing option, what are the colours? Do we have a choice?
rose - 4/3/2015 ()
 The OceanLED Colours can slowly cycle thru dozens of colors, or they can be stopped on any chosen color.
:  YachtLights (4/3/2015)
 OceanLED Xtreme A8 Pro, with the colour changing kit, are we able to change to which the colour we want? Is the switch remote? or put on console? I'd like to have an option of which colour I want to set to, but don't want it to look like a disco! tee hee...Let me know..
- 4/3/2015 ()
 The OceanLED Colours are very easy to operate. They get connected to any simple On/Off switch. By turning the switch to the ON position, they will turn on to WHITE and slowly begin to fade to Blue, Purple, Red, etc..If left alone, they will continue to slowly fade from color to color. Once on a certain color, if you toggle the switch OFF and back ON quickly, the lights will stop on that color and remain on that color.
:  YachtLights (4/3/2015)
 my boat is 42' x 14' wide. how many lights should I buy? OceanLED Xtreme A8 Pro.
r - 4/3/2015 ()
 We would suggest 4 of the OceanLED A8 PRO or 3 of the OceanLED A16 PRO.
:  YachtLights (4/3/2015)